Hardware installation considerations

Lock before the installation, should retain a key, in case the workers had lost the key.
After the lock is installed, check: strong?If there is damage?Damage to the paint?Close the door easily?Lock repeated several times to close a few times and see if there is any other problem?
Two handles in the same height, distance cupboard door edge at the same distance.
The shake handshandle of wardrobe do appropriate adjustments according to owner's height.
The shake handshandle of blanks according to the habits and customs, centered or installed at the bottom of the cupboard.
According to the model, thus buy the appropriate amount of shake handshandle (embedded or outside convex type?)Inside the wardrobe drawer for embedded in general.

Door hinges:
Solid core doors are heavier, it is better to put three hinges.
Installation should hinge on the door, door cover double groove, groove and tidy.
Hinges on the screw should be original and should be filled with screws.
There should be no paint marks on hinges.

Cupboard door hinges:
Should be clean and tidy, no paint stains.
Hinge on the screw.
Check whether the cupboard door of high and low, up and down is consistent?
The cupboard door closed, should be closely.

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