Hardware accessories to spring you have to underst

There are a lot of people on the floor spring, door closers, hardware accessories don't understand, because it is broken how to repair it let people have a headache.

We said floor spring is belong to what type of hardware products, door closer, floor spring is also a kind of hydraulic type only the compression spring device is worm gear instead of gear and rack.Because worm gear can be forward and reverse rotation, so the spring can be used for two-way open door, the door closers, can only be used for one-way open the door.Commonly used in site office buildings, restaurants, shops, etc.

Composition: spring is basic configuration is the shaft and the earth's axis (or anchor).Shaft is in the upper connecting door frame and door leaf accessories, fixed on the door leaf can be used by a bolt to adjust the bolt type shaft and shaft sleeve of a fixed to the door leaf.Shaft axis can be applied to almost all of the wood, steel, aluminum alloy door and use of glass door clamp without borders the glass door.

More than we already know after floor spring and its structure, let's look at floor spring how to repair, speaking of maintenance methods, the main problem is that there was a noise, bad push-pull, than there will be a phenomenon.Floor spring quality defects mainly include: ontology oil spills and the earth's axis eccentricity.Ontology leak is caused by spring casting process, if caused in the process of casting sand holes in ontology internal fluid pressure, after installation and cause leakage.

New surplus into hardware supporting us all: spring can't come on, if the oil belongs to a manufacturing defect, even if oil is still the same will be missed, if buy a shop free warranty period for replacement, if warranty cost by himself.The end of the service life of the floor spring is the axis of the oil and elastic weakened, if the shaft and floor spring spindle axis of the attachment not strictly perpendicular to the ground, the movement of door leaf can spring to bring great torque, increase between shaft and bearing wear, eventually lead to the axis of the oil.Spring in the long run would inevitably make the elastic weakened after stretching.

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